Past Projects Ellis Design Have Worked On

Below are details of some of the projects we have worked on, selected to illustrate the scope and breadth of our experience. Please see also the Temporary Works and Structural Design pages.

Portsmouth Waste to Energy Plant.

Engaged by main contractor Geoffrey Osborne Ltd. on a rolling commission to check all temporary works designs and carry out regular site inspections during their contract to construct the foundations and reinforced concrete frame for a combined incinerator and power station.

Diamond Synchrotron Building, Harwell Oxfordshire.

Design of temporary bracing to ensure stability during erection of a large steel framed building.

Kap Shui Mun Bridge and Ma Wan Viaducts, Hong Kong.

Design of tower base formwork. Formwork for a reinforced concrete pad footing 50m by 15m by 5m thick and a pre-stressed concrete upstand beam 10m deep by 5m wide.

Design of lower strut falsework. Structural steel falsework was designed to support a pre-stressed concrete beam 5m by 5m by 30m long. The beam was cast in situ 15m above the top of the foundation upstand beam.

Planning of sequential erection of four tower cranes, at nine different positions, during construction of a very large pre-stressed concrete box girder bridge. Design of all the crane bases and stabilising ties to the bridge piers.

Preparation of enquiries and advising on tenders received for the main deck falsework subcontract. The successful tenderer supplied about 3500 tonnes of falsework equipment for propping heights up to 35m.

Design of structural steel bases to connect concrete placing booms to the falsework structure.

Design of falsework spanning between the permanent pier stems to carry the deck diaphragm beams. The reinforced concrete cast in situ beams were 5.5m wide and 3.5m deep. They were supported 30m above ground at the pier heads.

Design of a temporary deck restraint system, to fix a section of the superstructure to the abutment, until connection to the fixed portion of the bridge. To restrain the movement of the free sliding bridge bearings, brackets were fixed to the sides of the deck and connected to the abutment by horizontal pre-stressing bars.

Design of traveling side access platforms. Running on rails on the bridge deck the platforms provided access to the sides of the 7.6m deep box girders for installation of furniture and cladding panels after removal of the falsework.

Design of structural steel falsework to the end span. Where ground level restrictions required the falsework to span gaps of up to 12m the proprietary falsework system was not suitable. A structural steel falsework structure was designed using deep rolled steel sections to span the gaps. The overall dimensions of the temporary structure were 45m by 35m by 35m. It was fabricated on site from 1200 tonnes of structural steel.

All work on the Kap Shui Mun Bridge and Ma Wan Viaducts was carried out for the main contractor Maeda Corporation (Hong Kong branch) acting as part of the Kumagai Maeda Yokogawa Hitachi Joint Venture. This work forms part of the Hong Kong Airport Core Programme of infrastructure projects.

Knightstone Island Development, Weston-Super-Mare.

Design and inspection of temporary supports to listed Victorian masonry buildings during renovation and conversion. Our work including assessment of the stability of the existing structures as they were exposed. Supports included heavy vertical propping, raking shores, and needling of existing walls. Some elevations on the coastal site were subject to wave loading.

Westminster Bridge Scour Protection.

Tender design of cofferdam frames transmitting water pressures from sheet piling to the masonry bridge piers.

PSN, Kazakhstan, Well Head Cofferdams.

We were engaged by an oil production company to advise on the design of a cofferdam and other braced excavations to give access for repair of damaged oil well installations in Central Asia.

Felixstowe South Regeneration.

We were again engaged my main contractor Costain to design fixings for mooring bollards to an existing pontoon in order to provide a temporary berth for tugs during re-development of part of the Port of Felixstowe. On the same project we advised on the design of foundations to support a 1000 tonne capacity mobile crane.

West Rail Viaducts, Hong Kong.

Engaged by Maeda Chun Wo Joint Venture to assist with their successful tenders for 10km of dual glued segmental railway viaducts. Advised on erection methods and temporary works design and liaison with the permanent works designer preparing the contractor’s alternative design.

Hung Hom Bypass, Hong Kong.

Engaged by Maeda Chun Wo Joint Venture. The joint venture’s contract was for construction of 5km of glued segmental viaducts, to form a new elevated road junction, to the contractor's alternative design. Engaged for supervision of and liaison with the UK based permanent works designer and French erection subcontractor.

Design of falsework for the in situ sections of the bridge deck. Assisting with preparation of casting geometry for short-line match-casting process.

Design of temporary deck pre-stressing schemes for use during erection.

Design of temporary access bridges for segment carriers and general construction traffic.

Skye Bridge, Scotland.

Design of structural steel falsework to support the pier-head segments of a pre-stressed concrete box girder bridge. Independent checking of the travelling formwork system used to construct the balanced cantilever deck. This work was carried out in association with other consultants for Miller-Dividag Joint Venture.

Suralaya Power Station Malaysia.

Design of a cellular steel cofferdam in 14m of water over rock for construction of the cooling water pumping station. The temporary works were checked for earthquake loading. This work was carried out in association with other consultants for Balfour Beatty International.

Kuala Lumpur New Airport Maintenance Hangar.

Tender design of roof lifting system and checks on stresses in the permanent works during erection of a structural steel aircraft hangar roof. The roof contains about 6000 tonnes of structural steel and spans 190m by 100m. This work was carried out at tender stage for Maeda Corporation Malaysia branch.

City Point London, Temporary Works Design and Permanent Works Checks.

Engaged by Swift Structures Ltd. For design of tower crane base, cantilever loading platforms, and sections of permanent works cantilever slabs during refurbishment of a 30 storey concrete framed office block. Extensive checks on the capacity of the permanent works to support the temporary works.

Canary Wharf, London.

Engaged by Universal Builders Supply Ltd. for design of specialist scaffold structures and lifting gear associated with multi-storey rack & pinion and rope hauled hoisting systems.

Design of aluminium common platform hoist towers to support multiple Alimak and rope hauled hoists. Towers six to ten metres square and up to 190 metres high.

General, suspended and cantilever access scaffold designs plus design of structural steel supports to runway beam hoists.

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